Knee Length Skirts

Knee length skirts deliver effortless everyday style in sizes to fit and flatter every body. Discover the casual comfort of knee length denim skirts so easy to wear with all your Grae tops from basic tees to lovely linen shirts and tops.

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Effortlessly Wearable Knee Length Skirts

When short is too short and long is too long, knee length skirts step up to the plate and find that perfect in-between place that feels just right.

What is a knee length skirt?

Knee length skirts traverse that small section of terrain between your thigh (mini skirts) and calves (midi skirts) just grazing the top of your knee. So if you love your knees, calves and ankles knee length skirts are the perfect way to show them off!

Denim knee length skirts tend to occupy the ‘casual skirts’ part of our wardrobe. But while knee length denim skirts are undoubtedly casual wear, other knee length skirts like A-line knee length skirts and pencil knee length skirts in different fabrics can become smart casual skirts when paired with gorgeous shirts and tops, and the right shoes and accessories.

How do you style knee length skirts?

Of all the variations in the lengths of women’s skirts, knee length skirts are one of the easiest to style.

The best knee length skirts fit comfortably with an elastic or paperbag waist and taper across the hips to feature a straight silhouette falling to just reach the top of the knee. This design, while perhaps defining knee length denim skirts as basic skirts, allows a wide range of women’s tops to feature with all year round versatility.

Dial the denim knee length skirt up or back with:

  • Grae basic tees in long sleeves, ¾ sleeves or short sleeves for a no-fuss look.
  • Knee length summer skirts become winter skirts with knitwear for extra warmth.
  • Luxurious linen shirts and tops elevate humble knee length skirts with pockets to smart casual wear.
  • The knee length denim skirt complements your favourite Grae print tees.
  • The latest looks in new season tops keep your favourite knee length skirts looking fresh all year round!

Choose tops to suit the occasion, and your knee length skirts will always feel just right.

What shoes do you wear with knee length skirts?

Always on top of the game, a knee length skirt can be worn with everything from simple summer slides to knee high boots in winter. When dressed to suit the occasion, your knee length skirts will work with:

  • A cute pair of flat or low heel sandals
  • Summer slides
  • Casual white sneakers
  • Ankle boots
  • Knee high boots
  • Heels

Occasions to wear knee length skirts

Featured in size 6 to 24, you can include Grae plus size knee length skirts in your work outfits, coffee catch-ups, summer soirees and winter daywear, varying your shoes and tops to suit the occasion.

  • Pretty sandals and a summer top take your knee length denim skirt out for brunch, coffee or lunch with the girls.
  • Knee high boots and knitwear snuggle up to your knee length skirt for smart casual events in winter.
  • Ankle boots with leggings and chunky jumpers add a touch of sassy style to winter daywear.
  • Heels elongate the look of pencil knee length skirts when heading to the office.
  • Simple slides and tees are the easy accompaniment to knee length pull on skirts for relaxed weekend wear.

Visit your nearest Suzanne Grae store where knee length skirts in sizes for every body are everyday essentials.

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