Call it a wardrobe staple, an essential piece or a feel-good fashion item - but every woman’s wardrobe needs a button up cardigan! Long cardigans and cropped cardigans are layering pieces adding textured warmth, cosy feels and pops of colour to outfits on crisp mornings and chilly nights.
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Value-Adding Cardigans
For Cosy Style

As a fresh day dawns or dusk begins to fall the easiest wardrobe item to reach for is a button up cardigan. Cotton blend cardigans and knitted cardigans in smooth or chunky knit designs are throw-in-your-bag fashion pieces ready to cosy-up whenever you need them.

What is a cardigan?

Short sleeve, three quarter sleeve and long sleeve cardigans are knitted garments with front openings. Available in a range of designs, cardigans typically button up to the chest in a V or the neck in a scooped shape.

They usually have no collar and are often made from wool but also cotton/acrylic blends. Cardigans can offer winter warmth but can also be lightweight to ward off a chilly spring breeze.

Not only are cardigans incredibly practical when you need a tad more warmth, but they can also add a splash of colour and texture to your outfit.

Push up the sleeves or tie one across your shoulders for effortless style and an extra layer when you need it.

Should I buy a cardigan
or a jacket?

The short answer is… both! Jackets and cardigans for women each have their place in every-body’s wardrobe, bringing different qualities to the table.

Cardigan vs Jacket

  1. Our multi-tasking cardigans fit into the transeasonal category but they also feature in winter line-ups and venture out during cooler summer days too. 
  2. Made from knitted cotton or acrylic materials, cardigans are generally softer, snugglier and weigh less than jackets.
  3. Jackets may be made from a more structured fabric with less ability to conform to your body than a cardigan.
  4. Conversely, jackets may be thicker, warmer and more weather-proof than a cardigan!
  5. A jacket may be casual or formal in its design; a leisurely cardigan has a more laid-back look.
  6. Jackets may feature pockets, zips, collars, cuffs, lining and prominent stitching.
  7. Jackets can be worn over cardigans; cardigans aren’t worn over jackets.

How to wear a cardigan

Both Grae and grey cardigans can be paired with plain tops and shirts and look perfect with dresses, shorts, skirts and pants! Of course white cardigans, black cardigans and brightly coloured cardigans work just as well...

Warm cardigans like to buddy up with a number of wardrobe items including:

Oversized cardigans and longline cardigans are a way to add warmth to your winter wardrobe. Pair these layering pieces with pants and boots and you have top-to-toe snuggly style!

Keep tabs on our new-in knitwear to discover cardigans with fresh new looks.

The benefits of owning
a cardigan or two!

Despite our hot climate you’ll find you can buy women’s cardigans Australia wide. They are the perfect throw-on-top item when a fresh sea breeze picks up and when you need a chunky knit cardigan to stay warm in cooler regions. 

Cardigans for women are must-have items because:

  1. Knitwear is an inexpensive way to add warmth to your wardrobe.
  2. You can’t have too many layering pieces.
  3. Cardigans fit easily in your bag for a lightweight, go-anywhere extra top.
  4. There is nothing better than a soft cardigan for at-home lounging.
  5. Neutral basics take on a bright outlook when accessorised with a fresh and colourful cardigan.
  6. Cardigans are the perfect layering pieces to pop over a summer dress once the sun sets.

The most wearable item to add to your wardrobe, you’ll love the easy-breezy appeal of Grae cardigans online and at your nearest Suzanne Grae store today!

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